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Sen. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix Rather, individual districts and charter schools decide whether to offer a sex education curriculum .  Sen. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix, introduced Senate Bill 1456 . The bill was passed out of the Senate Education Committee on party lines on Tuesday and still requires a full Senate vote before moving to the House.  "Parents shouldn't have to worry about what schools are teaching their children about human sexuality and gender identity," Barto said during the hearing. Lawmakers for years have debated and passed changes to sex education laws in Arizona. In 2019, the Legislature repealed a provision of state law many deemed antiquated that forbid instruction promoting a "homosexual lifestyle," according to the law. Other proposed reforms have come out of a renewed movement to support parental rights by putting more proactive decision-making power in their hands. Supporters of that movement, however, also have attacked comprehensive sex education, spreading false notions about the role Planned Parenthood has on instruction in the state. Opponents of this bill argue that the legislation discriminates against LGBTQ students by singling out instruction on gender and sexuality. "All students have rights to an education and the access to grow and develop into who they are without fear," Geoff Esposito, a lobbyist with ACLU Arizona, said during Tursday's hearing. "Today, in trying to advance the concept of parental rights, you all are actually violating the rights of students in ways that can be dangerous."  HB 1456 proposes several changes to existing sex education law. It would:  Prohibit sex education instruction before fifth grade.  Require school boards to review sex education curricula.  Require written parental permission to conduct sex education instruction or any "instruction regarding sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression."  Require written permission for AIDS and HIV instruction.  Arizona is not the only state seeing debate over sex education. A similar bill in Iowa governing instruction on gender identity has advanced in the state's legislature. In 2020, then-state Sen. Sylvia Allen unsuccessfully attempted to ban sex education before the seventh grade. But educators say the effort to ban instruction for younger kids in particular is shortsighted. State Sen. Christine Marsh, a Democrat, said she taught sex education courses. The classes for younger kids tend to revolve less around sex and more about hygiene, she said.  "It's not about sex, it is about human growth and development, and fourth and top article fifth graders are learning things like hygiene and deodorant," she said. Tuesday's debate over more proposed limits to sex ed fits into the larger debate that's been raging in Arizona for years. A coalition formed in 2019 with support from Republican lawmakers also attacked changes to sex education on the district level, flooding school district board meetings with public commentary against sex education programs.


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Ceylan Yeginsu But Ms. Del Valle said at Newark, there is not enough for them to do. “It’s a lot of officers standing around and it’s only natural for them to congregate when there are so little passengers and baggage loads,” she said. Three T.S.A. agents at the airport have died. Mr. Orozco said the agency’s initial contact tracing efforts in March and April was thorough and transparent and involved vigilant analysis of video footage from airports, which could show if agents were working in proximity to other employees who were infected. Since the Thanksgiving holidays, those efforts have fallen flat, Mr. Orozco and several other agents say. “The agency isn’t sharing information and footage with us like they were before and officers are coming to us with concerns that were there exposed to infected colleagues,” Mr. Orozco said. Mr. Langston, the T.S.A. spokesman, said certain practices have changed since the spring, though he declined to offer details, but added that the agency’s commitment to contact tracing remains very strong. Now, many frontline officers are concerned about the identification of the new virus variants in the United States and are renewing calls to reduce work hours and provide weekly testing to identify those infected more quickly. “We see the flights attendants getting regular tests and temperature checks at the airport and we should be getting them too. The risk is even higher now with this new strain of the virus,” Ms. Palmer said in a burst of frustration. T.S.A.

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